Feel free to visit my galleries. Only a small part of my works are on show here, but if you like them you can use the many links inside the pages to reach other more extensive web-sites.

The summary is meant for a quick look at some of my works.

Transcolourism is a soft, interactive way of partecipating to the painted event. "My Maremma" is a tale through images where only nature, seasons, light have voice.

"Woodworms" are sculptures in olive wood named after these restless little animals.  Partly coloured, as a trompe l'oeil, this is a tridimensional essay of trasncolourism. On the other hand, "Body" is a  short collection of bas-reliefs made under the guide of my teacher, but part of them without his full approval.

Regrettably, the novels and the thriller are only in Italian and slang.

The rest is amusement. 






The " G4 "

My Maremma

The novels

Scorpio's Day