Venetian carnival - 40x30

A new start with the colourful "The seagull" 50x40.


     I started with this technique 30 years ago. I can hardly describe the feeling of working with a gouge. I felt safer in drawing lines than with a pencil; the effect, even in black and white, of the blockprint was fascinating. I decided I had to stay with it for the rest of my artistic life. It has been, well... almost as such. Then I got lost in the search for the perfect balance amongst the black and the white or, in the engraving language, the filled and the emptied spaces. I was rescued by my present "maestro", the sculptor, with whom I have created the baseline of our group, the G4. With him, and with the other two fellow artists, I have learnt the use of the colour to put a new life into my printings, to look for a new harmony and at last,"to sketch with the gouge and to paint with the linoleum"


     The endless search of new forms and colors has gradually brought me into more pictorial artworks, where I can use both linoprint and painting tecniques. The philosophy of the emptied spaces starts making sense now thanks to a new expression.



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